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Follow the progress through our multi-year campaign to create an arts center in the heart of downtown Southport.

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Save the Hall, Y'all!

As part of its third Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Southport, Up Your Arts has an agreement with local  officials to advance the project to pre-construction by taking the following next steps:

  • Conduct community-based presentations to inform the public and solicit ongoing feedback
  • Lead an executive committee comprised of professional experts to direct activities pro bono
  • Share and discuss outcomes with municipal leaders
  • Manage a local volunteer membership group to plan future programming
  • Foster community-based efforts to connect and develop a range of fundraising sources
    the building’s reconstruction
  • Fund professional architectural services necessary to solicit contractor bids
  • Establish a cross-section of local stakeholders to form a non-profit board of directors
    as the
    legal agency to oversee and direct funding for the reconstruction and to enter
    into a leasing
    agreement with the City of Southport to operate and maintain the
    property as a community
    arts center

Up Your Arts is committed to both transparency and accountability in our partnership with the City of Southport and our various community partners. The offers of help we have received, from pro bono hands-on activity to financial support, point to a very successful project outcome.

Memorandums of Understanding with the City of Southport, NC

Progress Updates

Second MOU Approved

A second MOU was approved between the parties in December 2020 for the next year-long stage, which will identify the physical design, programming, and fundraising necessary for financial sustainability, as ...
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Phase 2 MOU Planning

A memorandum of understanding defining a phase two agreement for design development was drafted and adopted after further consultation with the Mayor of Southport, the members of the Board of ...
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Engineering and Remediation Study Results Delivered

After reviewing the studies conducted and information gathered during the allotted timeframe, the UYA board of directors found that a sufficient basis exists to begin shaping a phase two agreement ...
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MOU Signed with City of Southport

On November 22, 2019, the board of directors for Up Your Arts entered into an agreement with the City of Southport to conduct a feasibility study for the adaptive reuse of the ...
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