Open Doors Tour

Please note that this event is past, and the following content is for informational purposes only.

Doors on Tour!

Take the Historic Door Tour at local businesses and non-profit organizations around Southport.
Hurry! The door tour is only available until February 2022!

The next stage of “Southport, Open Your Doors” is in full swing! 11 vintage doors from the Harper House have been artistically transformed to embody the idea of thriving in the face of struggle. Those works of art are going to be on display throughout town from now until the end of February 2022, and we have something fun in store for them, too.

Door #1, by Rosemary Wagner

Nov-Dec 2021: Southport Cheese Shoppe, 417 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: Fort Johnston-Southport Museum & Visitor Center, 203 E. Bay Street

Door #2, by Alora Boerner

Nov-Dec 2021: Uncorked by the Sea, 602 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: Brunswick Community College, Southport Center, 701 N. Lord Street

Door #4, by Mary Beth Livers

Nov-Dec 2021: The Jolliff Team @ Margaret Rudd, 112 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: The Southport Center, Brunswick Senior Resources,
1513 N. Howe Street

Door #5 by Dave DeGroat, Gia Holmes and Colleen Phillips

Nov-Dec 2021: Mad River, 619 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: City of Southport City Hall, 1029 N. Howe Street

Door #6, by Lori Guidi

Nov-Dec 2021: Southport Trading Company, 105 E. Moore Street
Jan-Feb 2022: North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport, 204 E. Moore Street

Door #7, by Nancy Cray and Lynn Gillis

Nov-Dec 2021: Shop Girl, 701 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: South Brunswick Middle School, 100 Cougar Road

Door #8 by Ginger Hedblom

Nov-Dec 2021: Southport Market, 104 S. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: Southport Elementary School,701 W. 9th Street

Door #10, by Donna Parisi

Nov-Dec 2021: Sedona South, 517 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: Artisans Gallery on Howe, 114 S. Howe Street

Door #11, by Austin Sapp

Nov-Dec 2021: RE/MAX Southern Coast, 319 N Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: Margaret and James Harper, Jr., Library, 109 W. Moore Street

Door #13, by Chris Wallace

Nov-Dec 2021: Ricky Evans Gallery, 211 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: New Hope Clinic, 201 W. Boiling Spring Road

Door #19, by Harry "Skip" Burrell

Nov-Dec 2021: Cat on a Whisk, 600 N. Howe Street
Jan-Feb 2022: The State Port Pilot, 114 E. Moore Street

Before you head out and get started, check out each reimagined door and the story behind their new life. Listen to each artist talk about their inspirations, the methods they used, and see their work come to life from concept to reality. Click on any door above to get more info!

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