A Call for Artists

Please note that this call for artists has expired, and the following content is viewable for informational purposes only.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with
some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style."

- Maya Angelou

This past year of pandemic shock has taught all the members of our town how valuable our history is and how intrinsically linked it is to our future. As an act of celebration for our collective well-being and community health,

19 Historic Doors

The Southport Historical Society is the recent beneficiary of 19 wood and glass interior doors from the historic Harper home on Bay Street. These doors know a little something about surviving disasters and are now available to help us visualize what happens on the other side, when we emerge from our protective chambers.

As an act of celebration for our collective well-being and community health, Up Your Arts and the Southport Historical Society are co-sponsoring an artistic extravaganza.

12 Local Artists

We call upon the artists in our midst to adorn these doors with their imaginations. What is your idea about survival? How do you envision the connection between past and future? What does the future look like? Let Maya Angelou's quote above be your guide and help the rest of us see your vision.

If you are one of our 12 selected artists, you will receive a $250material stipend when you pick up your door in mid-June. You will have the next four months to work on it: paint, sculpt, etch, bead, mosaic, enamel—whatever medium you choose. You can go it alone or with a friend. Or with a group of friends.

2 Great Causes

Your door will be displayed in public places all over Southport for the next four months. Selected will artists be the guests of honor at our benefit gala in the spring, where your door will be auctioned off to a lucky new owner. Door proceeds will benefit the Southport Historical Society’s stewardship of the Old Brunswick County Jail and Up Your Arts' “Save the Hall, Y’all” campaign to bring an arts center to downtown Southport, NC.

1 Call for Artists

Can you do this? Yes! We need you, plain and simple. View the 19 available doors here, pick one, send us a sketch of your idea, along with your submission, by the May 31st, 2021 deadline.

A juried selection process will choose our 12 finalists. Be among them! We eagerly await your submission with this call to action:
Southport, Open Your Doors!

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