What’s Up Your Arts Summer 2020

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Welcome to What's Up Your Arts Summer 2020. In this issue: Southport, Live!, Art in the Heart, BCC is #1, Website News and more!

What’s Up Your Arts Summer 2020

Arts Grant for Southport Live

We are pleased to announce Brunswick Arts Council recognized Up Your Arts this summer with a BAC Individual/Organization Grant in support of Southport Live.

Thank You, Brunswick Arts Council!

This live streaming program showcases local musicians every Thursday 7-8pm with host Christine Martinez and engineers Ronnie and Beverly Weinstein of Live from R&B‘s House on Oak Island.

Many thanks to this talented team led by Lucy Weinstein, the many musicians who have performed gratis, and those who have donated to Up Your Arts during the program. We are glad you are tuning in and much obliged for your support.

View Past Performances

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Art in the Heart of Southport

More thanks to curator and Southport resident Liz Snyder, who was overwhelmed with submissions from local artists to The Moore Street Project. It has transformed downtown Southport’s Moore Street Market into a gallery of surprises!

MSP Artists

The 10 artists pictured here have contributed the many new 2-D and 3-D art now on display and offered for sale. The cafe is open for breakfast and late lunch, Wednesday through Sunday.

BCC is #1!

Brunswick Community College Crest
Brunswick Community College Logo

Our own Brunswick Community College was named the very best community college in the country(!) last month by SmartAsset, a financial technology firm.

Named one of America’s best startup employers in 2020, SmartAsset ranked BCC at the top of a list of over 800 community colleges in the US for its student-to-faculty ratio, graduation and transfer rate, and cost of tuition and fees.

Up Your Arts is so proud to support BCC’s mission in Southport!

Save the Hall, Ya’ll!

Old City Hall Floor Plans

Our “Save the Hall, Y’all” campaign entered a new stage after positive news regarding the viability of transforming Southport’s old city hall into an arts center. A team of engineers, construction professionals, and mold remediation experts determined the building could, in fact, be saved; and it had sufficient square footage to accommodate the planned arts programming.

In partnership with local officials leading up to the start of construction by the end of 2021, Up Your Arts is currently drafting an agreement to guide next steps. Phase two features will concentrate on program, design, and organizational development and continue the grassroots outreach efforts begun in phase one.

To the extent possible, considering our current pandemic response, these efforts will include community-wide presentation and feedback events, social media presentations, smaller focus and discussion groups held throughout the area in a variety of venues and formats, and ongoing conversations with municipal leaders.

Integral to the generation and maintenance of community support will be the adoption of an ongoing volunteer membership support group and the development and implementation of a community-based fundraising group.

Floor Plan & Elevation

Have you checked out the virtual tour of the hall yet?
If you haven’t yet, check out this cool 3-D virtual tour of the building in
its “before” state and invest in a little daydreaming time to imagine it “after.”
Take the Tour!

Another Bass Player Joins the Board

Bob Gentile
Bob Gentile,
(pronounced Jen-til-lee)

The UYA board of directors welcomes its newest member, Bob Gentile, who, yes, plays bass — electric and upright — and gives lessons! Bob is a native of Boston, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and has performed with a variety of bands up and down the east coast.

He and his wife, Wendy, relocated to St. James two years ago after Bob retired from a 30-year career running a flourishing non-profit camp in New York. He brings a rich and deep knowledge of organizational management and passion to Up Your Arts – we plan on putting him to work right away!

Playing Bass is NOT required to be on the UYA board, despite all evidence to the contrary.

We’re Expecting…

Andrea Drennen - Frontage Marketing Group

We are eagerly anticipating the launch of our new website, which is currently under construction by Frontage Marketing Group.

Owner Andrea Drennen won the hearts and minds of Up Your Arts board members, who long sought the right partner to undertake a digital makeover worthy of our mission: artistic, focused, purpose-driven, exciting.

The reduced social contact restrictions mandated by the coronavirus pandemic have provided an opportunity for us to focus on more inward pursuits this summer, and we are happily awaiting the results. Stay tuned!

All Up In Your Arts

National Play Music on Your Porch Day is August 29th. This is a perfect way for you to share your musical talents with your neighbors without violating social distancing rules. Play safe and enjoy the fresh air from your porch!

Thank You!

Thank you for catching up with us and stay safe!

Until the next one…
Sign up. Show up Stay In. Celebrate and enjoy!

The folks at Up Your Arts

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