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Artist Larry Moore leads this 4-day class which is designed to push your boundaries,

enhance your thought process and your painting vocabulary. Learn how to build intent into your work.

It is about voice finding with a focus on the components of great art making,

how to say nature without being literal.

Think Shakespeare with Paint !

The level of interpretation and abstraction is up to you.

All mediums, all skill levels. It’s equal for beginners and advanced alike.

Focus in on the components of painting and not how to make a painting look like something accurately.

Learn to determine your expressive theme or mood from a nature scene and then quantify that abstractly.

Your chance to learn the watermedia of GOUACHE.

Larry will also do a book signing of his art book “Fishing for Elephants”, so be sure to bring yours.

Larry’s presentation on these principles of painting and then painting En Plein Air the landscape in front of you.

Larry is well versed in all mediums, but he will be working and demonstrating in Gouache, in his opinion, the best medium for this.

Workshop Dates: 10/27/2021 – 10/30/2021

Workshop Price:



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