Could new plans be in the works for old Southport City Hall building?

New Life to Historic Courthouse

Up Your Arts has lofty goals for Southport's City Hall, a registered historic building.

Could new plans be in the works for old Southport City Hall building?

Published first at WWAY By Kylie Jones

From the old Brunswick County Courthouse, to Southport City Hall, a historic building in Southport has been empty for some time now.

Bonnie Bray and Ken Schnedetz are with Up Your Arts. They are trying to bring the historic building back to life.

“The people are hungry for things like this,” Schnedetz said.

“People want to be able to give back,” Bray said. “It’s kind of a project that’s just waiting to happen.”

The building has been around for nearly 200 years [built in 1844] and worn many hats.

“Nobody wants to tear this building down,” Bray said. “Nobody wants to see this building go empty. We will be able to give something back to Southport. We will make it a municipal center again.”
Bray says they want to make the building home to performing arts, community organizations, even the Board of Aldermen.

Bray says her group wants to lease the space from the city.

“With the goal of it being 100% sustainable,” Bray said. “Self-sustaining. We would have to have programming sufficient to bring in enough revenue to keep it going.”

Bray is confident that they can make this happen. She says the building is currently empty and needs a lot of work.

Southport Mayor Jerry Dove says they replaced the roof, and have made some other repairs.

He says the city has not decided on a plan for the building yet.

Schnedetz says their goal is to make this a place that brings people together.

“We just feel it’s very important for the community, people’s lifestyles,” Schnedetz said. “The arts are a good thing to have.”

Bray says they will present their plan to the city this fall.

Mayor Dove says they have been talking to several groups who want to take over the space, but have not decided what to do with it yet.

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