“Dragonfly Dreams” by Austin Sapp

Dragonfly Dreams

Southport, Open Your Doors! offered local artists a unique opportunity to bring to life an artistic representation of thriving in the face of adversity.

Fourteen artists sought to show their own interpretations of what that looks like to them, and how they feel Southport has excelled beyond mere survival.

Here’s Austin Sap's artistic re-imagining of what that means to her:

“Dragonfly Dreams” by Austin Sapp


The simplicity of nature is subtle proof of the resilience and perseverance we are all capable of in the face of adversity. For Austin Sapp, the dragonfly most clearly represents the miracle of survival and the joy life needs to be complete. Inspired by all that nature has to offer, Dragonfly Dreams (Door #11) has been reimagined to remind us to find our way to the things that bring us, “joy, serenity, delight, and peace. Opening doors to the future while embracing the past.”

Transformed using topiary elements like real vines, moss, dried grasses and feathers, papier-mâché, hand-made pottery, and more, this piece of art is a three-dimensional appreciation of everything wonderful that mother nature has to offer us, even amidst the challenges and trials of life.



About the Open Doors Project

Up Your Arts and the Southport Historical Society invited local artists in April 2021 to envision a post-pandemic world that draws strength from Southport’s people and its history. A quote from Maya Angelou provided the overriding theme and a gift of doors from the historic
Harper home on Bay Street provided the canvas.

A juried selection process chose nine solo artists and two collaborating teams to decorate the doors using whatever mediums they preferred.

Thanks to the generous support of local business people, the results are on stunning display throughout downtown Southport at 11 retail locations during November and December 2021. After the holidays, the doors will travel to 11 non-profit organizations then be auctioned off at a gala event in March 2022. Proceeds will be used to support Southport Historical Society’s ongoing stewardship programs and Up Your Arts’ efforts to turn the Old Brunswick County Courthouse into a community center for the creative and performing arts.

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