Our mission is to foster, promote and advance a fun, cool artistic environment in Southport.

Mission Statement

Up Your Arts is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 to support and enhance the creative and performing arts throughout the greater Southport area.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to expand the perception of Southport from its historic identification as a 'quaint fishing village' to that of a community where people experience exceptional arts, culture and live music.

Up Your Arts wants everyone else to see what we see - that Southport is the coolest coastal art community IN THE WORLD!

UYA Core Values:


We help artists grow in their confidence and their art

UYA Core Values:


We provide artists with safe spaces so they can focus on their creativity

UYA Core Values:


We help fill the gaps to connect education, artists and audiences

UYA Core Values:


We stay true to the heart and spirit of Southport

UYA Core Values:


We emphasize the joy of making and experiencing art

Help us discover, promote, foster and support local artists by getting involved with Up Your Arts! Here are some of the many ways you can help...

We can't make our vision a reality without your support. Just $10/month makes a difference. Become a member of Up Your Arts today!

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